Yellow-Sided Green-Cheeked Conures  
(Pyrrhura hypoxantha )

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Green-cheek & Pineapple Babies

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Pineapple Conure

Yellow-Sided Green-Cheeked Conures  
(Banner above shows beautiful Blue pineapple + yellow-side Conures)

This clutch of 4 chicks were produced from a Yellow-side/Pineapple cock and a Cinnamon hen.
They had 4 chicks (Normal/yellow-side/cinnamon cock + yellow-side hen + Cinnamon/yellow-side Cock + Pineapple hen)

Baby conure just hatched
Notice the black mark on
front-left egg - internal Pip taking place Hatched the following day.
Conure babies 1+2 days
old. They matured into a
Normal split cock and a
yellow-side hen.
3 baby Conures
The Middle baby is
a Red-eye. He
matured into a
Cinammon cock
3 baby Conures
4:3:1 days old
as per photo to left
Same 4 chicks 10:9:7:4
days old. Note red-eye in
middle + left. Darkest
back is visual normal
Normal cock 19days Cinnamon Cock 16 days
Eyes are still
"Plum" coloured - they darken as the bird
gets older
Yellow-side Hen 18 days Pineapple hen nearest
Cinnamon Cock 26days
Pineapple Hen 31 days
starting to show the red
and yellow feathers on
its Chest
3 Pineapple + 1 Y-side
in the
Red Pineapple Chick
29 days
Red Pineapple Chick
34 days

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